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Crew & Vessels

Our Vessels

a small boat in a body of water
a small boat in a body of water
a small boat in a body of water
a small boat in a large body of water

Our wonderful Catalina Coastal Tours and Catalina Jet Ski Crew enjoying our annual Christmas party

Meet Our Crew

“I have always had a strong passion for boats and fishing. Even at a young age, I have always taken every opportunity I can to be out in the water, casting my spinning rod on our boat and having a truly amazing time with friends and family who enjoyed fishing as much as I do.

Catalina Coastal Tours & Fishing is my way of sharing my passion for boats, fishing, and the beautiful waters of Catalina with groups of friends and families looking for a great bonding adventure they won’t soon forget. We also cater to fishermen of all skill and experience levels. We provide amazing fishing Catalina Island tours for novice to seasoned fishermen of all age groups.

I love living on the island and sharing all the wonders the island has to offer with other residents and visiting guests. Here at Catalina Coastal Tours & Fishing, we provide top-notch Catalina fishing charters all year round. You can pay us a visit anytime during the year and you can be sure to get amazing fun times in the pristine waters of Catalina doing the things you love. We have 3 boats with separate seasoned captains ready to serve you any time!”

Captain David